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Ultrasonic Anemometers for outdoor activities

       Reduced pricing for popular products

Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometers bring state of the art systems and top notch ultrasonic wind measurement technology to the marine industry and open a whole range of new applications
- high accuracy
- no moving parts
- easy to install
- 100% maintenance free
- Bluetooth version compatible with iOS and Android systems (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Tablets, etc.)
- Garmin watch compatible

Use your iPhone, iPad, Garmin Watch
           or Tablet as the Display

Or use your existing Instrument with
   NMEA0183/N2000 Interface

Ultrasonic Portable


Bluetooth, Solar, Pocket Size, IPX8, Wind Instrument

CMI1006 Ultrasonic Windmeter


Ultrasonic Portable Mini

Ultrasonic smallest size windmeter

Ultrasonic ULP485

Ultra Low Power RS485 Anemometer with up to 40m/s windspeed


NMEA Connect Plus

Bluetooth/WiFi to NMEA2000/NMEA0183 Gateway

CMI1004 NMEA-Bluetooth Converter

NMEA Connect

Bluetooth to NMEA Gateway

CMI1011 Alumina Pole
CMI1008 Carbon Pole

Aluminum Pole

Carbon Pole

Inductive Charger for Portable Mini

Accessory for Ultrasonic Devices

Accessory for Ultrasonic Devices

Accessory for Ultrasonic Devices

included in Portable Mini

Calypso Ultrasonic Wind Instruments are available with Bluetooth, WiFi and various signal options including NMEA0183/N2000 Interface for many marine MFD's

Ultrasonic Windmeter Selection Chart

  ULP485 wired.          Portable              Portable Mini          

Power                                                        5 - 24V extern         integrated Solar       Battery inductive charging        

Data Output                                              NMEA0183                 Bluetooth              Bluetooth    

4 Ultrasonic Transducer                              ✅                                ✅                            ✅                                                              

- Thermometer                                               ❌                                ✅                            ❌
- Gyroscope                                                     ❌                                ✅                            ❌
- Accelerometer                                             ❌                                ✅                            ❌

Price                                                                $534.00                     $499.00                $251.00                      

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